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Unusual Rules and Common Complaints in Airbnb: Tips for a Seamless Stay

Are you planning a trip and considering staying at an Airbnb? While these platforms offer unique experiences, there are some unusual rules and common complaints that you should be aware of.

In this article, we will explore some of the ridiculous rules encountered in Airbnbs and common complaints among users.

Ridiculous Rules Encountered in Airbnbs

Astronomical cleaning fees

One of the most common complaints among Airbnb users is the excessive cleaning fees. While hotels charge an affordable fee for cleaning, some Airbnb hosts can charge up to a hundred dollars or more.

Even if the guest stays for just a night, they will still have to pay a hefty cleaning fee. To avoid this, read the listing carefully before booking and confirm exactly what you will be charged for on your checkout statement.

A request to pretend you’re something you are not

This rule sounds like it comes straight out of a movie, but it’s not uncommon to come across such requests from Airbnb hosts. Some hosts ask guests to pretend they are someone else when checking in, say if they are asked, to reduce the impact of the guest’s presence on the local neighborhood.

To avoid such an uncomfortable experience, take a second look at the listing and read the reviews.

Demands to avoid heating the pool or using the hot tub

One of the many reasons people book Airbnb is to enjoy amenities like pools and hot tubs. But some Airbnb hosts have ridiculous rules concerning the use of these amenities.

In some cases, guests are asked to pay an extra fee to use the hot tub or pool while some hosts forbid guests to heat the pool or use the hot tub. Avoid such uncomfortable situations by communicating with the host before making the final booking.

Forbidding use of the climate controls

The weather can be unpredictable, and it’s always important to have control over the room temperature. However, some Airbnb hosts forbid guests to use the climate control function, leaving guests feeling uncomfortable, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Make sure to choose a listing that has clear instructions on how to work the climate control functions and confirm with the host if you have any concerns.

Strange food requests

Some Airbnb hosts have unusual food requests, like asking guests to eat vegetarian or withholding certain types of meat from the kitchen. While it’s okay to respect the host’s dietary instructions, it’s important to look for clear explanations or go through the hospitality agreement before booking.

Additionally, it’s best to check the reviews left by previous guests to see how they dealt with such requests.

Excessive chore lists

One of the primary reasons people vacation is to rest and recharge, but some Airbnb rentals expect guests to perform chores like cleaning and taking out the trash. These rules can be more stressful than staying at home, so it’s important to look through the listing description and reviews to confirm the host’s expectations before making the final booking.

No delivery allowed

With smartphone apps and online ordering platforms becoming more popular, it’s easy to have food or groceries delivered to your Airbnb rental. Unfortunately, some hosts forbid delivery people from entering the property, leaving guests stranded for food or essentials.

To avoid such a situation, confirm with the host if this rule applies.

No noise allowed at all

Some Airbnb hosts have strict quiet hours, which can be inconvenient for guests that want to stay up late or enjoy some music. To avoid such a rule, read the rental agreement and communicate with the host to see if they are flexible on the quiet hours.

Asking for pet-sitting

While some Airbnb properties are pet-friendly or allow service animals, some hosts ask guests to petsit while they are away. This request may cause some inconvenience to guests who may have never cared for a pet.

Make sure to check the listing for the “pet-sitting” rule and ensure you’re comfortable with it before booking.

Common Complaints Among Airbnb Users

Excessive cleaning fees

As mentioned earlier, excessive cleaning fees remain a significant complaint among Airbnb users. To avoid this problem, research host’s cleaning fees before booking your stay, and have a clear understanding of the expectations.

Non-responsive or unhelpful hosts

Another major issue is non-responsive or unhelpful hosts. No one likes going on vacation and feeling unattended to, so make sure to read the reviews to see how the host has responded to previous guests’ concerns.

Additionally, check the host’s response rate before booking to avoid feeling ignored.

Inaccurate property descriptions

Some Airbnb listings have inaccurate descriptions, leading guests to have different expectations from what they receive. For example, some listings may claim to have a pool, but it’s not functional.

To avoid such a problem, scroll through the listing description before booking and confirm with the host if you have any concerns.

Unsafe or uncomfortable environments

It’s not uncommon for guests to have safety concerns when staying somewhere new. Issues such as malfunctioning locks or poor lighting can make guests feel unsafe.

To avoid this issue, read the listing carefully, check the reviews of previous guests and ask the host how safe the surrounding area is or raise security concerns before checking in.

Strict cancellation policies

Sometimes trips are canceled at short notice, and some Airbnb hosts have strict cancellation policies that can be a problem for guests. Before booking, check the host’s cancellation policy and ask about their refunding policy is they have one.

Hidden fees and charges

Some Airbnb hosts hide their fees from the guest before checkout, leaving them with a higher-than-expected bill. It’s essential to read through the final checkout statement before making payments to confirm the charges before booking.

Misleading photos or amenities

Misleading photos and amenities have also been a common complaint among Airbnb users. To avoid such an issue, pay attention to the photos in the listing, read reviews carefully, and confirm with the host if the amenities advertised in the listing are available before booking.

Unreliable technology or services

Technology is essential in the digital age, and some Airbnb rentals come equipped with services such as Wifi, smart TVs, and home security systems. Unfortunately, some hosts don’t make these services available or have unreliable technology, leaving guests stranded and frustrated.

Before booking, confirm with the host, read reviews, and check the amenities available to make sure that your needs are catered to.

Location issues or misleading maps

While Airbnb is used worldwide, some locations may be harder to reach or relatively far removed from where you intend to go. Additionally, misleading maps and descriptions can lead guests to end up nowhere near where they expected to be.

To avoid such an issue, do proper research, confirm the location, and ask the host about the surrounding area to ensure it’s the best fit for you.


Airbnb can offer a unique travel experience, but it’s essential to be aware of the ridiculous rules and common complaints before booking your stay. Carefully reviewing listings and the rental agreements and communicating with the host in advance can make your stay more enjoyable.

Remember to read reviews and ask questions to avoid any issues arising during your stay. Whether traveling for leisure, business, or anything in between, Airbnbs can still make for a great travel experience with careful planning.

Airbnb has become a popular way for travelers to experience local destinations, enjoy unique accommodations and interact with locals. Whether you’re planning a short stay or a longer vacation, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure booking the best Airbnb experience.

In this article, we’ll outline some practical tips for booking an Airbnb that will help you avoid uncomfortable situations, leave you feeling satisfied, and ensure a seamless experience.

Use a travel credit card to reserve your stay

One of the most effective ways to pay for your Airbnb is through a travel credit card. Not only can you earn rewards points, but you can also take advantage of travel insurance coverage that comes with these cards.

Additionally, some credit cards offer free upgrades and discounts, which can lower the cost of your stay. Before booking, ensure the card you choose comes with insurance coverage and has a good reputation with the rental platform.

Respect the rental property by treating it like your own home

Respect for the property is one of the most fundamental requirements of staying in an Airbnb. It’s important to keep the space clean and tidy and to avoid damaging any property items.

This also means taking care not to make excessive noise that will disturb neighbors. Make sure to follow the host’s rental rules and take care of the furniture, appliances and other amenities in the rental.

Read property descriptions and reviews carefully

Reading every detail about an Airbnb beforehand will help you know what amenities, services, and features are available. Property descriptions also provide information about nearby attractions and transportation options.

Additionally, guest reviews offer insights into the rental property’s condition, the hosts responsiveness, and the areas safety and convenience. When booking an Airbnb, it is essential to do your due diligence and read both the listing description and guest reviews carefully.

Communicate clearly with your host

Communication is essential to ensure that your stay is comfortable. By communicating with your host, you can clarify any questions, concerns, or issues you might have.

It’s also important to communicate your arrival and departure times, so that the host can plan accordingly. Good communication with your host can lead to an enjoyable and hassle-free stay.

Understand cancellation policies and fees

Before booking an Airbnb form, it’s important to understand the cancellation policy and any applicable fees. Many hosts have different cancellation policies that range from liberal to strict-tiered policies.

Liberal policy allows you to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before your arrival and still get some money back, while a strict policy will not refund your money entirely in case you need to cancel due to emergency or any other reason. Therefore, understanding the refund policy will ensure that you only book when you’re sure of your travel plans.

Confirm amenities and services before booking

Before booking an Airbnb, confirm with the host what amenities and services are available. Although Airbnb lists amenities, these may not be available for every rental.

For example, a fully-equipped kitchen with all appliances may not include a dishwasher or other appliances that are essential to you. Confirming what amenities and services are included beforehand saves you money, and ensures you pack the necessary supplies to make your stay comfortable.

Check location and transportation options

Location is a vital aspect of your Airbnb experience, especially if you are traveling from one destination to another. Ensure you are close to the public transportation options to make sightseeing or making it to your business meetings more manageable.

Additionally, confirm the location of the Airbnb and the locations of the tourist attractions you’re planning to visit in the area to avoid the need for renting a car which may be costly or other third-party transportation services, which can be unsafe.

Research local laws and regulations

It’s important to research local rules and regulations to know what is acceptable, legal, prohibited, and restricted in the location. Some areas have strict laws regarding noise, parking, and even smoking on the property, which can lead to hefty fines or eviction, or even a worse case like jail time.

Researching the local laws and regulations helps you avoid legal issues with authorities and ensures that your stay is comfortable.

Have a backup plan in case of emergency or issues

Even with thorough planning, there may be times where unexpected problems arise. In this regard, it’s important to prepare a backup plan for such emergencies like a vehicle emergency kit, or staying near a hospital in case of an emergency medical situation.

Alternatively, plan an alternative accommodation plan beforehand to avoid the stress of searching for another stay or dealing with last-minute booking issues. In conclusion, Airbnb is a great way to experience a city or a destination, but it’s important to plan according to your preferences and budget.

Doing your research beforehand, communicating with the host, understanding refund policies and ensuring that the rental meets your needs, are essential to make your Airbnb stay comfortable, safe and worthwhile. By following these tips for booking an Airbnb, you can avoid uncomfortable situations, save money, and ensure a seamless experience.

In summary, booking an Airbnb is an exciting way to explore and experience new destinations. In this article, we covered tips for making the most out of your booking by using a travel credit card, respecting the rental space, reading descriptions and reviews, communicating clearly with your host, understanding cancellation policies and fees, confirming amenities and services, checking location and transportation options, researching local laws and regulations, and having a backup plan.

By following these tips, travelers can avoid discomfort, ensure safety, save money, and enjoy a seamless experience. Remember to do your due diligence and plan accordingly, leaving you free to enjoy your Airbnb vacation to the fullest.

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