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Unlocking Hidden Benefits: Booking Airbnb with Travel Credit Cards

Unlocking the Benefits of Booking Airbnb with Travel Credit Cards

Are you planning your next vacation but struggling to find affordable and comfortable accommodation? The rise of Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry, offering alternatives to traditional hotels and resorts.

Not only can you choose from a vast array of unique and local options, but you can also save money in the process. But did you know that you can unlock even more benefits by booking Airbnb stays with your travel credit cards?

In this article, we explore the advantages of using credit cards for Airbnb bookings and the best cards available on the market.

Airbnb vs.

Hotels: Cost Comparison

One of the main advantages of Airbnb over hotels is the cost. According to a Priceonomics study, Airbnb is on average 21% cheaper than nearby hotels.

It offers a range of options suited to different travel styles and budgets. From a cozy private room to a luxurious entire villa, you can find something that fits your needs.

The homes are usually equipped with kitchens, laundry facilities, and other amenities that hotels don’t offer, saving you money on dining and laundry services. However, it’s worth noting that while Airbnb can be cheaper accommodation-wise, there may be other fees to consider, such as cleaning or extra guest fees, making the cost not as clear-cut as it may seem.

This is where travel credit cards come in. With certain cards, purchases made on Airbnb are eligible for rewards such as points, miles, or cashback, which can make the cost even lower.

Additionally, some cards categorize Airbnb purchases as travel expenses, making them eligible for travel credits on the card, reducing the overall cost of the stay. Travel Credit Cards and Airbnb: Benefits

Now that you know a little about how Airbnb compares to hotels and how credit cards can make Airbnb even more cost-effective let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using credit cards for Airbnb bookings.

Firstly, certain travel credit cards offer bonus points or miles when booking stays directly with Airbnb. This can help you earn rewards faster and make your next trip even more affordable.

Secondly, some cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the American Express Green Card offer flexible redemption options. This means that you can use your travel rewards to cover all or part of your Airbnb stay, giving you more control over how you use your rewards.

Thirdly, travel credit cards can help earn elite status with Airbnb or Airbnb Plus, giving you access to premium homes and exclusive offers. For example, the World Elite Mastercard comes with Airbnb Plus membership, which includes premium listings that have been verified for quality.

Lastly, travel credit cards may offer added travel benefits like cancellation protection, travel insurance, and luggage protection. This can add additional peace of mind when booking your stay and provide additional savings if anything goes wrong.

Best Credit Cards for Booking Airbnb

Here are the top credit cards worth considering when booking Airbnb:

1. Chase Sapphire Reserve: This card offers 3x points on all travel purchases, including stays with Airbnb, and its flexible redemption options make it easy to offset the cost of the stay.

Additionally, cardholders can access premium benefits like airport lounge access, travel insurance, and elite membership with select travel brands. 2.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card: This card offers 2x miles on all purchases, including those made on Airbnb. The miles earned can be used to pay for future travel expenses or transferred to select airline and hotel loyalty programs.

3. American Express Green Card: The recently re-launched card offers 3x points on travel, including Airbnb purchases, and flexible redemption options.

It also comes with a $100 annual CLEAR credit and lounge access at select airports. 4.

Discover it Miles: This card offers 1.5x miles on all purchases, which can be used to pay for travel expenses, including Airbnb stays. Additionally, the card has no annual fee or foreign transaction fees, making it a great option for international travel.

5. Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card: This card offers a generous welcome bonus of 50,000 points after spending $3,000 within 90 days of opening the account.

Airbnb purchases earn 2x points per dollar spent, and the points earned can be used to offset travel expenses, including the cost of Airbnb stays.


Booking your Airbnb stays with a travel credit card can help you unlock additional benefits and make your trips more affordable. The top cards for booking Airbnb include the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, American Express Green Card, Discover it Miles, and Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card.

By taking advantage of rewards, flexible redemption options, and added travel benefits, you can make the most out of your Airbnb experience and travel comfortably and economically. Using Rewards, Gift Cards, and Portals for Booking Airbnb

If you’re an avid traveler and use credit cards to earn rewards and miles, you may want to consider booking your Airbnb stays through reward stacking, gift cards, and shopping portals.

These alternative methods of payment can help you earn additional benefits, save money, and maximize your rewards.

Buying Airbnb Gift Cards to Stack Rewards

Stacking rewards involves combining several deals, rewards, or discounts to get the most value out of your purchase. In the case of Airbnb, you can buy Airbnb gift cards at a discount and use them to pay for your stays, earning rewards in the process.

For example, you can purchase Airbnb gift cards on or at a discount of up to 10%. You can then use your travel credit card to purchase the gift card, earning rewards in the process, and then use the gift card to book your stay, earning even more rewards.

Booking Airbnb through Shopping Portals for Added Rewards

Shopping portals are websites or apps that connect shoppers with merchants and offer rewards in the form of cashback, points, or miles for shopping through them. Sites like,, or allow you to earn additional rewards when you book your Airbnb stays through their portal.

For example, sometimes offers up to 1% back in cashback when booking Airbnb stays. All you need to do is sign up for an account, search for Airbnb, and click through to the Airbnb website to book your stay.

The shopping portal will track your purchase and credit your account with the rewards that you are entitled to.

Stacking Rewards, Gift Cards, and Portals to Maximize Benefits

The most effective way to maximize rewards when booking Airbnb stays is to stack rewards, gift cards, and portals in combination.

Here’s an example of how you could stack your rewards:

1. Buy Airbnb gift cards at a discount of up to 10% on using your travel rewards credit card and earn rewards or miles.

2. Search for Airbnb on, which offers up to 1% cashback, and click through to the Airbnb site.

3. Use the gift card to pay for your Airbnb stay.

4. Earn rewards or miles on your Airbnb purchase with your travel rewards credit card.

FAQs about Booking Airbnb with Credit Cards

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to the world of credit card rewards, you are bound to have questions about booking Airbnb with credit cards. Here are some frequently asked questions about booking Airbnb with credit cards:

Q: Does Airbnb count as travel for credit card rewards?

A: Yes, in most cases, Airbnb counts as a travel expense on your credit card, meaning you can earn travel rewards, points, or miles on your purchase. However, it’s always best to check with your credit card issuer to confirm how they categorize Airbnb purchases.

Q: Are there ways to pay for Airbnb bookings with points or miles? A: Yes, some travel rewards credit cards allow you to pay for your Airbnb stay directly with points or miles.

For example, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve card, you can use your Ultimate Rewards points to book your Airbnb. Just log in to your Chase account, click on ‘Travel,’ and search for your Airbnb stay.

Q: How does using Chase Ultimate Rewards work for booking Airbnb? A: Chase Ultimate Rewards is a popular rewards program that allows users to earn and redeem points for travel expenses, including booking Airbnb stays.

To use your points for Airbnb booking, log in to your Chase account, click on ‘Travel,’ and search for your Airbnb stay. You can then select the option to pay with points, and your Ultimate Rewards will be used to offset the cost of the stay.

Q: How do I choose the best credit card for booking Airbnb? A: The best credit card for booking Airbnb depends on your travel preferences and spending habits.

Some factors to consider include the rewards rate, sign-up bonuses, annual fees, foreign transaction fees, and other travel benefits such as travel insurance or lounge access. Make sure you compare the different options and choose a card that best fits your needs.

Q: Are there Airbnb credit card fees and partnerships I should be aware of? A: Airbnb does offer a credit card in partnership with Visa, but there are some fees associated with it such as a $95 annual fee and a foreign transaction fee.

Additionally, the rewards program can vary between credit cards, so it’s important to read the fine print and choose the best card for your specific travel needs. In conclusion, booking Airbnb stays with travel credit cards can be an excellent way to save money and earn added benefits.

With the rise of Airbnb, there are alternative methods of payment that can help maximize rewards. These include buying Airbnb gift cards at a discount, using shopping portals to earn added rewards and stacking rewards, gift cards, and portals.

It’s important to choose the best credit cards that align with your travel preferences and spending habits. Take advantage of the best travel rewards, flexible redemption options, added travel benefits, and elite status to make the most out of your Airbnb experience.

Remember to read the fine print and choose cards or methods that offer the best value. Using these methods, you can save money and travel more comfortably while earning more rewards and points to fuel your next adventure.

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