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Unlock Affordable Travel with Points and Miles

Discover the Benefits of Earning Points and Miles

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task, but accumulating points and miles can make the process effortless and affordable. Theres no doubt that travel can be a costly venture, but by earning rewards through credit card spending, hotel bookings, and airline loyalty programs, you can unlock a world of affordable travel options.

In this article, well explore the reasons why it makes sense to continue earning points and miles and recommend some of the best credit cards for maximizing your rewards.

Booking in Advance

One of the biggest advantages of earning points and miles is the ability to book vacations well in advance. By accumulating rewards over time, you can plan a trip up to two years in advance without worrying about breaking the bank.

The more rewards you accumulate, the more options you have to book accommodations, tours, and flights at discounted rates. This means that you can take advantage of early bird specials, seasonal deals, and last-minute discounts, securing your spot without having to pay a premium price.

Generous Cancellation Policies

Almost every travel provider has a cancellation policy, which can incur a penalty fee if you decide to cancel your reservation. However, with rewards and loyalty programs, many hotels and airlines offer more flexible cancellation policies to their members.

This means that if you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so without incurring any fees, penalties, or losing your rewards. This provides peace of mind when planning a vacation, as you know you can change your mind or alter your plans without a financial impact.

Limited-Time Perks

One of the most exciting aspects of earning points and miles is taking advantage of limited-time bonus categories and promotions. Credit card issuers often offer bonus rewards for spending in certain categories, such as gas stations, restaurants, or streaming services.

By keeping an eye on these offers, you can maximize rewards and earn points faster. Additionally, many hotels and airlines offer seasonal promotions, such as double or triple points for bookings within a specific timeframe.

These promotions can be a great way to take advantage of savings and earn rewards quickly.

Current Discounts and Promotions

Another great benefit to earning points and miles is access to current discounts and promotions. Many hotels and airlines offer sales and promotions at certain times of the year, which can include discounted rates, bonus points, or free cancellations.

By staying up to date on these deals, you can take advantage of lower prices and save on your travel expenses.

Most Miles and Points Dont Expire

A common concern with rewards credit cards and loyalty programs is the expiration of points and miles. Fortunately, most rewards programs do not expire if the account remains active, which typically involves earning or redeeming rewards within a certain timeframe.

Additionally, many credit card issuers offer automatic points transfers to loyalty programs, which can help keep your points active and prevent them from expiring. By keeping your account active, you can accumulate rewards over time and use them when the time is right.

Recommended Credit Cards for Earning Points and Miles

Now that you understand the benefits of earning points and miles, its time to explore some of the best credit cards for maximizing your rewards. These cards offer a variety of features and perks, making them beneficial for different types of travelers.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card


Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a fan favorite for flexible points that can be transferred to various hotel and airline loyalty programs, providing versatility and valuable rewards. This card offers bonus rewards for spending in categories such as gas, streaming services, and Instacart, making it a great option for everyday expenses.

Additionally, the card has trip cancellation insurance and car rental coverage, providing peace of mind during travel.

Chase Sapphire Reserve


Chase Sapphire Reserve is known for its exceptional bonus points for travel and dining purchases, making it a top choice for frequent travelers. The card also offers a $300 annual travel credit and flexible rewards, which can be transferred to hotel and airline loyalty programs.

Furthermore, the

Chase Sapphire Reserve offers a unique feature called Pay Yourself Back, allowing cash-back redemption when applying points to select purchases.

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card


Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card is a top-tier hotel rewards card that offers a $300 annual statement credit for Marriott purchases. The card provides valuable perks such as annual free night awards, Platinum Elite Status, and a $100 property credit for qualifying stays.

Additionally, the card offers a great earn rate on Marriott purchases and dining, making it a great option for loyal Marriott customers.

The Platinum Card from American Express

The Platinum Card from American Express is an exclusive card that offers lucrative benefits for frequent travelers. The card provides airport lounge access, Gold Elite Status with Hilton and Marriott, and a $200 annual airline fee credit.

Additionally, the card offers a $100 annual credit for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue and a $15 monthly Uber credit, making it valuable for a variety of purchases.

Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card


Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card is a mid-tier hotel rewards card that offers a variety of benefits for Hilton customers. The card provides a free weekend night after spending $15,000 in a calendar year, Gold Elite Status, and accelerated earn rates at Hilton properties.

Additionally, the card offers bonus points for spending in categories such as dining, groceries, and gas stations. In conclusion, earning points and miles can be a valuable tool for affordable travel.

With benefits such as booking in advance, generous cancellation policies, limited-time perks, current discounts and promotions, and non-expiring rewards, there are plenty of reasons to keep earning rewards. By utilizing the right credit cards for your travel needs, you can maximize the value of your rewards, making travel accessible and enjoyable.

How to Protect Points and Miles from Bankruptcies

While earning points and miles can be a fantastic way to save money on travel, one risk to keep in mind is the potential of bankruptcy from airlines or hotels. In this article expansion, well explore ways to protect your points and miles in case of bankruptcy and recommend credit card options that provide flexible points and additional protections.

Flexible Points Over Airline and Hotel-Specific Rewards

When considering reward programs, its important to recognize the value of flexible points over airline and hotel-specific rewards. With airline and hotel-specific rewards, youre limited to redeeming within their program, meaning if they go bankrupt, you could potentially lose your rewards altogether.

Flexible points, however, offer multiple partners to redeem your rewards, and you have the ability to transfer your rewards to other programs. This provides added security as you can adjust your strategy and maintain access to the rewards you earned.

Possibility of Losing Rewards

While the possibility of losing rewards due to bankruptcy is low, its always good to consider the worst-case scenario when choosing reward programs. Many companies that have declared bankruptcy in the past continue their loyalty programs, with minimal impact on members.

However, it’s important to know your options in case this were to happen. For credit card rewards, its crucial to ensure that points earned and rewards redeemed are transferrable or can be used for travel credit, gift cards, or merchandise.

If you experience a scenario where youre in danger of losing your points, this offers an alternative that can help you save some of your earnings.

Previous Bankruptcies and Loyalty Program Continuation

Some airlines remain operating under bankruptcy and have continued their loyalty programs with minimal changes, but this is not always guaranteed. Examples of this include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines, all of which have filed for bankruptcy but continued their loyalty programs as normal.

However, its important to keep in mind that no two bankruptcy cases are the same, and an airline or hotels obligation towards their loyalty program will depend on their financial decisions. However, focusing on flexible rewards can help avoid this situation entirely.

Credit Card Options for Added Benefits

When considering credit cards, its important to choose those that provide additional protections and features in case of bankruptcy. Cards that offer travel insurance for trip cancellations or losses may help in the event of bankruptcy.

Additionally, cards that provide perks such as airport lounge access or travel credits can help offset the cost of travel in case of reward or reservation cancellations. With new spending habits established due to the pandemic, it also makes sense to choose a credit card that adjusts to current habits, such as the Chase Freedom Flex, which offers cash back on groceries, dining, and streaming.

Review Credit Cards for Additional Perks

When selecting a credit card, its important to review the perks offered and ensure they align with your travel preferences and habits. The

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a popular choice for travel rewards due to its flexible points and insurance offerings, such as trip cancellation/interruption coverage and baggage delay insurance.

Another top choice is the American Express Platinum Card, which includes airport lounge access, travel credits, and hotel elite status perks. In conclusion, protecting your rewards and miles from bankruptcies should be a consideration when selecting a reward program or credit card.

Flexible points over airline and hotel-specific rewards, reviewing previous airline bankruptcies and loyalty program continuity, and selecting credit cards with added benefits are all ways to help safeguard your rewards. Doing your research and taking proactive measures can help ensure youre able to enjoy your rewards and miles without any unexpected surprises.

Earning points and miles can make travel affordable and accessible, but its important to consider the potential risks associated with bankruptcies from airlines or hotels. To protect your rewards, its crucial to choose flexible points over airline and hotel-specific rewards, review previous airline bankruptcies and loyalty program continuity, and select credit cards with added benefits such as travel insurance and credits.

By doing your research and taking proactive measures, you can ensure that your rewards are secure and that you can enjoy your travel without any unexpected surprises. Remember to review your rewards strategy annually and adjust as necessary to maximize the value of your rewards.

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