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The Craziest Prohibited Items Found at US Airports in 2021

The Craziest Items Found by TSA in 2021

Every year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening process clears millions of passengers flying in and out of US airports. However, not everyone follows the rules of what to bring or leave behind at home.

The TSA is always on the lookout for prohibited items, and 2021 was no different. Some of the items discovered are simply mind-boggling and leave you wondering what was going through the travelers’ heads.

Brass Bullet Knuckles

The TSA discovered brass bullet knuckles during one of their daily screenings. This prohibited item is made of solid brass and can inflict serious damage, given its sharpness.

The passenger who was carrying the knuckles was detained and fined heavily.

Assassin Brush

Another prohibited item discovered by the TSA is the assassin brush. This brush is designed with a hidden knife inside that can cause harm.

A passenger trying to travel with this weapon disguised as a personal grooming tool was caught by TSA officials and immediately charged with a heavy fine.


A passenger was caught with a methrrito in their luggage during a TSA check. A methrrito is a dangerous hybrid between methamphetamine and a burrito.

Carrying this item is illegal and can potentially put other passengers at risk. The person trying to travel with the methrrito was arrested and charged accordingly.

Assassin Comb

Similar to the assassin brush, the comb is designed to look like a regular hair comb. However, hidden within the teeth is a sharp blade that can be lethal.

TSA found this prohibited item during their daily routine checks and charged the passenger with hefty fines.

Dynamite Clock

A TSA check at a US airport found a dynamite clock in a passenger’s carry-on luggage. The clock was designed to look like any other clock, but the fuse in its face was a ticking time bomb.

TSA quickly detained the passenger, diffused the bomb, and charged the passenger with attempted terrorism.

Claymore Mine

The TSA also discovered a claymore mine in a passenger’s carry-on luggage. The mine was made of a large steel casing and explosive charges that can cause massive destruction.

The passenger carrying the claymore mine was detained and charged.

Flintlock Firearm

Another prohibited item that TSA discovered during their routine check was the flintlock firearm. This weapon looks like a harmless antique pistol, but it can still shoot bullets.

Such items are not allowed on airplanes, and the passenger was heavily fined.

Mentos Bullets

A passenger was caught smuggling mentos bullets in their luggage. These homemade bullets are designed with mentos candies, which can cause harm.

The passenger was fined heavily for carrying these prohibited items.

Meat Cleaver

TSA discovered a meat cleaver in a passenger’s carry-on luggage. Such sharp objects are not allowed on airplanes, and the passenger was charged for flouting the rules.

Ninja Throwing Stars

Ninja throwing stars are another prohibited item that TSA discovered in a passenger’s luggage. These dangerous objects can puncture and injure people, and carrying them on a plane could have catastrophic results.

TSA levied hefty fines on the passenger trying to sneak them onto the flight.


Batarangs are another prohibited weapon that TSA discovered in a passenger’s luggage during a TSA check. These weapons are designed like the ones used by Batman in the movies and are illegal to carry on a plane.

Knife Bandage

A knife bandage is another item that TSA caught during routine security checks. This bandage has a hidden sharp blade inside, and carrying such items are strictly prohibited.

The passenger carrying the knife bandage was fined heavily.

Stunning Lipstick

During a TSA screening process, a passenger was caught with a lethal stunning lipstick. This lipstick has a hidden metal blade inside, and one quick swipe can cause injury or even death.

TSA charged the passenger heavily for attempting to carry this prohibited item.


A passenger was caught by TSA carrying a jigsaw, which may or may not be classified as a weapon. TSA officials erred on the side of caution and fined the passenger for bringing the item on the flight.


TSA discovered a passenger trying to carry a harpoon through screening. Even though harpoons are not technically prohibited, TSA determined that they are dangerous and should be left at home.

The Importance of Not Bringing Dangerous Items Through Airport Security

Bringing dangerous items through airport security is highly risky for the traveler and other passengers. TSA rules are clear and prohibit items that can potentially harm people or cause destruction.

Bringing prohibited items through airport security can also attract hefty fines that may run into thousands of dollars. These fines are not just a penalty for breaking the law but are also meted out to prevent similar violations in the future.

Additionally, the discovery of prohibited items provides comedy value to outsiders who may find it ridiculous that someone would attempt to carry a methrrito, assassin brush, or dynamite clock onto an airplane. While funny, the reality is that these prohibited items are hazardous and can cause harm to the passengers and crew, which is why TSA takes their screening process so seriously.


The TSA screening process is designed to ensure the safety of passengers and crew when traveling. Carrying prohibited items, such as brass bullet knuckles or a claymore mine, not only puts other passengers at risk but could also lead to fines as astronomical as the dangers this weapon could cause.

By following TSA guidelines, you can save time and avoid hefty fines while ensuring a safe and enjoyable flying experience for everyone. When it comes to traveling, every penny counts.

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