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Survival Jobs for Actors: The Best Side Hustles to Pursue

For aspiring actors, surviving in the acting industry can be tough. It’s not uncommon for actors to work multiple jobs to make ends meet while they pursue their acting careers.

That’s where a “survival job” comes in. A survival job is a temporary or part-time job that pays the bills while an actor waits for their big break.

In this article, we will explore the best side jobs for actors. We will cover various jobs that are flexible and can be done in tandem with acting jobs.

Each job can provide financial stability for actors without sacrificing their time or talents in the acting industry.

The Best Side Jobs for Actors

Delivery Driver

Delivery driving is a flexible job with many opportunities, especially with food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart. As a delivery driver, you can choose your hours and work around your acting schedule.

You can also benefit from using your own vehicle. If you enjoy driving and meeting new people, delivering food or groceries can be a great option for you.

Online Freelancer

As an actor, you have the talent to bring life to a character’s voice or story. You can use this skill as an online freelancer, where there is a high demand for voice-over work, freelance writing, and freelance graphic design.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer endless opportunities for freelancers to showcase their skills and connect with clients worldwide.

Survey Taker

Taking surveys online can be a simple yet effective way to make money. There are many GPT (Get Paid To) sites that offer cash rewards and gift cards for completing surveys.

Though it may be time-consuming, taking surveys can be done at any time and in any location. Survey takers can earn additional income, and it is completely flexible and doesn’t require any specific skill.

Personal Trainer

If you are into fitness and have a fitness certification, becoming a personal trainer can be a great side job. You can help others reach their health and fitness goals while maintaining a flexible schedule.

You can offer your services through social media or word-of-mouth and set your own hours. Personal trainers can also work in a gym or fitness studio and take on clients on the side.


Modeling can be a great way to earn additional income while pursuing an acting career. There are various types of modeling, ranging from print modeling to runway and even lingerie modeling.

Plus-size modeling has gained popularity in recent years, and it can be a great opportunity for those who love fashion and have a passion for modeling.

Online Tutoring

If you have a passion for teaching, online tutoring can be a rewarding and flexible job. You can teach English online through companies such as VIPKid or QKids or offer math tutoring services online.

Online tutoring is a growing industry and can be done from the comfort of your own home. It is one of the best survival jobs for actors because you can easily set your hours and work around your acting schedule.

Serving Jobs

Serving jobs can offer flexible hours and good pay. This is particularly true for those who are skilled in bartending.

If you are outgoing and enjoy interacting with people, serving jobs could be a great side job for you. You can work evenings and weekends, leaving your weekdays free for auditioning or attending rehearsals.

Temp Agencies

Temp agencies offer temporary and flexible work that can fit around an actor’s schedule. These jobs can last from one day to several months, providing income while waiting for acting work.

Temp agencies offer many different job opportunities and can easily match an actor’s skillset to the right job.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative support on a flexible basis. This includes tasks like appointment scheduling, data entry, and social media marketing.

This is a great job for actors because it is flexible and can be done remotely, giving you more time and energy for auditioning.

Customer Service Agent

There are various remote customer service roles that can provide steady income for actors. Customer service agents can work from anywhere and can take customer calls, respond to emails, and provide support online.

This is an ideal job for actors who need to be available for auditions or rehearsals at any time of the day.

Party Character

Being a party character can be a lot of fun and can help actors showcase their acting skills while earning extra cash at the same time. Entertainment companies often hire actors to dress up as popular children’s characters and perform at birthday parties or other events.

If you love to entertain and have experience with children, this could be an excellent survival job for you.

Dog Walker

Dog walking can be another fulfilling survival job for actors. You can enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and work around your schedule while getting paid.

All you need is some experience with dogs, a love for animals, and good communication skills.


In conclusion, there are many survival jobs that are ideal for aspiring actors. These jobs can offer financial stability while allowing actors to pursue their passion for acting.

The flexibility and variety of options make it easy for actors to find a job that suits their skills, schedule, and lifestyle. By taking on a side job such as one of these, actors can support themselves while continuing to work towards their ultimate goal.

Why Actors Sometimes Need Survival Jobs

Acting can be a highly unpredictable and challenging industry. Actors have to deal with the uncertainty of finding new roles and booking gigs, and all of this can lead to financial insecurity.

Many aspiring actors relocate to metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles to pursue their careers, and the high cost of living in these areas can add to the financial burden that they face. This is where having a survival job comes in handy.

The need for a survival job is straightforward- to provide financial stability while looking for acting gigs. A survival job can ensure that an actor has a consistent income to cover their expenses, keeping them afloat during long periods of waiting for their next role.

Tips for Finding an Acting Survival Job

If you are an actor looking for a survival job that complements your acting career, here are some tips to help you in your search:

Sprucing up your resume

A resume is essential for every job application, including survival jobs. Make sure to present yourself professionally and emphasize the transferable skills that you have acquired as an actor, such as communication, public speaking, or interpersonal skills.

Make your resume unique and memorable, and include a cover letter that showcases your passion for the job and how it fits with your acting career. Creating a good resume requires time and effort, but it is crucial for catching the attention of employers.

Turning to Your Network

Networking is one of the most effective ways to land a job, and that includes survival jobs. Use your existing network to find out about job openings or recommendations.

Your network can include casting directors, producers, or fellow actors that you have previously worked with. This method can lead to promising internal hiring opportunities or even introduce you to other actors who offer great referrals or recommendations.

Keeping it Simple

The simplest jobs can often provide stable income and reliable scheduling, enabling you to maintain a flexible schedule for auditions and acting gigs. If you can’t find a job with flexible scheduling, try temporary agencies.

Temp agencies provide a significant source of work opportunities and can lead to full-time employment while allowing for the flexibility you need to thrive as an actor. Don’t Give up

The journey to finding a survival job can be a frustrating one, but it’s essential to keep persevering and not give up.

Consistency matters, so keep looking and submitting applications. It’s also important to remember that taking a temporary break from acting can provide more time to focus on finding an ideal survival job that fits your needs.

So, don’t be afraid to take a break and focus on finding the right job. In conclusion, finding a survival job as an actor is an essential step towards financial stability and supporting your acting career.

By prioritizing your financial well-being and using these tips to find an excellent survival job, you will have more time and energy to focus on auditions and bookings, ultimately taking you closer to achieving your dream of becoming a successful actor. To summarize, survival jobs are crucial for actors who want to pursue their dreams without sacrificing their financial stability.

The high cost of living in metropolitan areas and the unpredictability of acting gigs can add to the financial burden they face. However, actors can find various side jobs, ranging from delivery driving to online tutoring, that can complement their acting career and provide a flexible schedule.

To secure a survival job, actors can spruce up their resume, turn to their network for referrals or recommendations, and consider simple jobs or temp agencies. Ultimately, the importance of finding a survival job cannot be emphasized enough for actors.

By having financial stability, they can pursue their passion for acting without worrying about basic expenses, taking them one-step closer to fulfilling their dreams.

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