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Maximizing Savings with Rewards Stacking: Tips & Tools

Introduction to Rewards Stacking

Everyone loves getting rewards and saving money, but have you ever thought about combining multiple rewards programs to get the most out of your purchases? That’s where rewards stacking comes in.

Rewards stacking is the practice of using multiple rewards programs to maximize your savings on various purchases. By earning rewards from different programs and modes, you can reduce costs while still enjoying your favorite products or services.

Benefits of Rewards Stacking

One of the most obvious benefits of rewards stacking is saving money. By utilizing multiple rewards programs, you can take advantage of various discounts, rebates, and cashback offers, which can significantly reduce your expenses.

Another added benefit is that you can earn different types of rewards, such as gift cards, cashback, credit card points, or airline miles. These rewards can be redeemed for significant discounts or even free products and services.

Moreover, combining rewards programs makes it easier to accumulate points and avail of more promotional offers, leading to more savings in the long run. So, if you are looking to cut down costs and maximize your benefits, rewards stacking could be your perfect strategy.

How Rewards Stacking Works

Using Multiple Rewards Programs for One Purchase

Let’s suppose you are planning a trip and need to book a hotel. In this example, we’ll demonstrate how using multiple rewards programs can help stack up rewards for a single purchase.

By using three different rewards programs, we’ll see how much we can save on a hotel booking. First, use Swagbucks to shop through Orbitz, where you can earn additional Swagbucks per dollar spent.

In this case, let’s say you will earn 5 Swagbucks for every dollar you spend on Orbitz. Second, use your cashback credit card, which offers 2% cashback on hotel bookings.

Combining these rewards programs means that you could save up on additional rewards while booking a hotel. Let’s say you stay in a hotel room that costs $150.

By using the Swagbucks program, you will earn 750 Swagbucks (5 Swagbucks/ $1 X 150). In this scenario, each Swagbuck is equivalent to $0.01.

This means you’ll earn an additional $7.50 in rewards. Simultaneously, you’ll receive 2% cashback on $150, which amounts to $3.

Altogether, these rewards add up to $10.50. If you practice rewards stacking for every hotel booking you make, imagine the amount you could save every year!

Demonstration of Rewards Stacking for Hotel Stays

Another example of rewards stacking could be booking a hotel room with multiple rewards programs. Hilton Honors, Marriott Bonvoy, and Expedia Rewards are a few examples of rewards programs that allow you to earn points per dollar spent while booking with them.

For instance, by booking a $500 hotel room, you can earn 6,000 Hilton Honors points (12 points per $1), 500 Marriott Bonvoy rewards points (1 point per $1), and 1,500 Expedia Rewards (3 points per $1). These points can be redeemed for free nights, exclusive elite member benefits, and other perks.

You can enjoy luxurious stays without worrying about overspending on your budget.

Importance of Pre-Planned Purchases and Credit Card Management

Before practicing rewards stacking, it is essential to plan out your purchases and credit card usage. This strategy can only be effective if you know your credit limits, the rewards programs you’re eligible for, and the benefits they offer.

It’s also essential to understand credit card usage and bill payment to avoid financial hardships. Always look out for promotional offers and compare them with other rewards programs before enrolling in the program.

Remember, credits cards accumulate interest, so it’s crucial to pay off all balances on time.


Rewards stacking is a game-changer for bargain hunters, and it’s undoubtedly an effective strategy that you can implement to save money while enjoying your favorite products and services. Once you start to stack your rewards programs, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the rewards add up and how much you can save in the process.

With careful planning and budgeting, you can use rewards stacking to your benefit and get the most out of your purchases.

Getting Started with Rewards Stacking

Rewards stacking is a simple but effective strategy for maximizing savings and earning cashback and other benefits on various purchases. While almost all rewards programs work towards a common goal, it is important to identify your spending habits and to prioritize the rewards programs that are the most beneficial for you.

Here are some ways to get started with rewards stacking:

Identifying spending habits to prioritize rewards programs

Before you begin rewards stacking, it is important to understand your spending habits and to identify where the majority of your money goes. This will help you figure out which rewards programs are the most worthwhile for you, as you can then focus on maximizing the rewards that align with your spending patterns.

For example, if you make several grocery trips per week, a rewards program that offers cash-back on groceries would be more practical.

Benefits of using credit cards with enhanced rewards

Credit cards that offer enhanced rewards, such as cashback, points, or airline miles, are an excellent choice for rewards stacking. These cards often offer a higher percentage of rewards for specific spending categories like travel, dining, and entertainment.

For those who tend to spend on these categories, these credit cards can be an effective way of maximizing rewards. The rewards from these credit cards can be combined with other programs to further boost your savings.

Using shopping rewards portals and apps

Shopping rewards portals and apps are another excellent way to stack rewards. Apps such as Ibotta, Rakuten, and Swagbucks offer cashback on various online purchases.

These cashback offers can be combined with other rewards programs to get the most out of your purchases. Swagbucks, for instance, will grant rewards for completing surveys, watching videos, and other activities.

When piled up with other portals, these rewards can also add up quickly.

Maximizing rewards with store loyalty programs

Store loyalty programs are another great way to stack rewards. These programs usually offer cashback or discounts on purchases made in-store or online.

You can sign up for the store’s loyalty program, and then combine it with other reward programs like Swagbucks or Ibotta to earn even more rewards.

Using other tools to stack rewards

Although Swagbucks and Ibotta are the most well-known reward portals, there are other tools that can be used to stack rewards. For instance, Acorns Found Money allows users to earn cashback on purchases made with partnering brands.

This cashback can then be deposited into the user’s investment account. Capital One Shopping, on the other hand, is a browser extension that finds coupons, promo codes, and price drops as you shop online, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Tools for Stacking Rewards

Here are some of the most popular tools for stacking rewards:

Swagbucks for purchases made through partners

Swagbucks browser extension is a simple way to earn rewards while shopping online at popular partner brands, such as Walmart, Amazon, or Target. For every dollar you spend on these websites, you can earn Swagbucks, which can then be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

Cashback credit cards for flat-rate cashback

Cashback credit cards, such as the Citi Double Cash Card, offer flat-rate cashback percentages on all purchases, making them an excellent way to get more money back on every purchase. Though the percentage of cashback is usually around 1-2%, it can still add up over time.

Orbitz for earning Orbucks for travel purchases

Orbitz is a travel booking website that offers Orbucks, a rewards currency, when you make travel purchases. For instance, when you rent a car or book a hotel, you receive Orbucks in return.

The Orbucks can then be redeemed for discounts for future travel purchases, which makes it a great way to stack rewards.

Capital One Shopping for finding online deals

Capital One Shopping is a web browser extension that finds coupons, promo codes, and price drops as you shop online, ensuring you get the best deal possible. As you shop, the app will scan through its database and find relevant coupons for you to use on your purchase.

Acorns for earning cash back on purchases deposited into investment account

Acorns Found Money is another tool for stacking rewards, with a unique twist. This tool allows users to earn cashback on purchases made with partnering brands.

The cashback is then invested in the users Acorn investment portfolio, allowing them to earn interest and grow their investment over time.


Rewards stacking is an effective strategy for maximizing savings across various purchases, but it requires careful planning and resourcefulness. By combining the right rewards programs, cashback credit cards, shopping portals, and apps, you can significantly improve your purchasing power while staying within your budget.

Continued use of these techniques can lead to increased savings that can result in a significant positive effect on your finances. Start getting the most out of every purchase by using these tips and tools and watching your rewards add up.

FAQs about Stacking Rewards

Rewards stacking is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness in saving money and maximizing rewards for various purchases. However, people still have many unanswered questions regarding this topic.

Therefore, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers to clear up any doubts you may have.

Stacking cash back through app usage and credit card payment

Q: Can I use cashback portals and credit cards together to maximize my cashback rewards? A: Yes, you can! Cashback portals offer cashback on purchases made at partnered stores while credit cards offer cashback rewards for every purchase you make.

By using both of these methods, youll be earning cashback twice, making it one of the best ways to stack rewards. Q: Is it possible to earn rewards from purchases made through cashback apps and store loyalty programs together?

A: Yes, it is possible. Affiliate marketing programs can significantly help in stacking up cashback rewards.

The cashback app tracks your purchase and credits the cashback to your account, but it also credits the purchase to any partnered loyalty or rewards programs linked to the purchase.

Maximizing rewards points by targeting relevant programs

Q: Can one maximize reward points by using targeted rewards programs, and how beneficial is it? A: Yes, you can, and it is highly beneficial.

Identifying which rewards programs align with your most frequent purchases and using them allows you to earn points faster. Switching from generalized rewards programs to targeted programs can increase savings through discounts and earn higher points by partnering with the brands you use frequently.

Q: Do credit card reward programs offer better deals and benefits than other type rewards programs? A: Yes, credit card reward programs generally offer better deals and benefits.

Credit card reward programs come in various forms, including signup bonuses, cashback, or points. Often, you can redeem these rewards for travel or entertainment-related purchases.

Using multiple cashback apps and promo codes

Q: Can one stack rewards by using multiple cashback apps and promo codes at once? A: Yes, using multiple cashback apps and promo codes help maximize rewards and lead to substantial savings.

When shopping online, you can stack several different formulas and discounts to achieve optimum savings. By the end of the transaction, you can earn multiple layers of rewards, vouchers, and cashback.

Q: Can I use cashback apps and promo codes for grocery shopping, and how much can one save from it? A: Yes, you can use cashback apps and promo codes for grocery shopping.

By consistently using cashback apps and promotional codes, you can save a considerable amount of money. Depending on the offers and discounts relevant to a specific purchase, you can earn up to 30% cashback.


Stacking rewards is a popular and effective way to maximize savings and earn rewards on multiple purchases. However, it requires careful planning, research, and a bit of patience.

By understanding your spending habits and preferred rewards programs, you can choose the right combination of rewards programs to maximize discounts and rewards. Stacking rewards through multiple cashback apps and promo codes while paying with cashback credit cards can lead to a lot of savings at the end of every month.

Therefore, staying up to date with cashback offers, promo codes, and targeting relevant programs will ultimately make your shopping experience more rewarding. In conclusion, rewards stacking is a popular strategy that can maximize savings and earn rewards on various purchases.

It requires careful planning and research to identify your spending habits and preferred rewards programs. By combining cashback portals, credit cards, apps, store loyalty programs, and promo codes, you can stack rewards to optimize your savings.

Understanding the benefits of each program and using them strategically can lead to a lot of savings throughout the year. Remember, with continued practice, rewards stacking can improve your financial well-being and ultimately bring joy to every purchase you make.

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