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Fly with Points and Miles: How to Earn Enough United Airlines Miles

United Airlines: Setting New Standards in the Aviation Industry

Flying is essential in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, and United Airlines prides itself on providing the best service and experience to air travelers. With 4,900 flights to 358 airports and destinations in 238 domestic and 120 international locations, United Airlines is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used airlines globally.

History of United Airlines

The origins of United Airlines can be traced back to 1926 when a young pioneering entrepreneur named Walter T. Varney founded a small air mail company in Boise, Idaho.

United’s roots can be traced to several other airlines over the years, such as Continental Airlines, Pacific Air Transport, and National Air Transport. In 1985, United and Continental merged, forming one of the world’s most comprehensive route networks.

In 2012, United launched its MileagePlus program, offering a loyalty program that offered tremendous benefits for frequent fliers. The United MileagePlus program has continued to grow in popularity, with over 100 million members worldwide.

Flight Operations and Destinations

Offering 4,900 flights daily, United Airlines caters to both domestic and international travelers. The airline connects 238 domestic destinations, including major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, with 120 destinations around the world.

With recent additions to its network such as nonstop service to Johannesburg, Accra, and Cape Town, United Airlines is committed to offering quality and innovative services to passengers.

Company Services and Programs

United Airlines’ dedication to ensuring passenger satisfaction is evident in the range of services it offers its customers. One of the most prominent programs is the United MileagePlus program.

The program provides travelers with a unique opportunity to earn and redeem miles for flights, upgrades, and other benefits. Members of MileagePlus can also earn miles by flying United or its travel partners such as Aegean, Air India, Lufthansa, and many more.

The United Polaris business-class experience is one of the most luxurious and premium services offered by the airline. This service offers a spacious lie-flat bed, high-quality food service, and access to airport lounges.

The airline’s lounges offer an excellent place to relax, recharge, and catch up on work, among other things. MileagePlus: A Premier Frequent Flyer Program

One of the United MileagePlus program’s most significant advantages is that it offers elite status to its members.

Elite status members have access to exclusive benefits, including upgrades and priority boarding, priority security, and more. The program has several status levels Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, Premier 1K, and United Global Services.

To achieve these status levels, members can accumulate Premier Qualifying Flights (PQF), Premier Qualifying Points (PQP), or United miles. By flying on United and its partner airlines, travelers can earn PQF and PQPs. Alternatively, they can accumulate United miles by flying United or its partner airlines, booking hotels, or using co-branded credit cards like the United Explorer Card.

Using Your Miles

MileagePlus members can redeem their miles for award flights to any United destination worldwide. The redemption value of an award flight depends on various factors, including the cash price of the ticket and taxes and fees.

In general, redeeming miles for an award ticket tends to be an attractive option when cash prices are high. To get the most value from their miles, members can choose to book a business class or first class ticket.

In contrast, others can opt for economy class tickets. Redeeming United miles for a business class award ticket could fetch members a value of up to $0.03 per mile, versus less than $0.01 per mile for an economy class award ticket.

Booking a Flight with United Miles

Members can book their award flights easily using the United website or mobile app. The website’s search engine shows available flights and their associated costs in miles and cash.

Once the member decides, the booking process is simple choose the preferred itinerary, enter personal information, select a seat, and confirm the flight booking.


United Airlines and MileagePlus remain committed to providing the most inclusive and convenient services to their passengers. With innovative amenities, famous reserved lounges, and a rewards program like no other in the market, there is no doubt United Airlines is setting new standards in the aviation industry.

With continued investment and updates, United Airlines will continue to remain a top choice for frequent travelers.

How to Earn Enough Miles to Fly United with Points and Miles

United Airlines’ MileagePlus program has been a hit among travelers worldwide, offering a diverse range of opportunities to earn and redeem miles for flights and other exciting benefits. Earning enough miles to fly with points and miles requires a strategic approach that takes into account all the ways to accumulate miles.

Here are six ways to earn enough miles to fly with points and miles on United Airlines.

Fly with United and Partner Airlines

The most straightforward way to earn MileagePlus miles is by flying United or one of its partner airlines. The miles earned on these flights vary depending on the fare class and the flights’ distance.

By attaining elite status with MileagePlus, members can earn additional miles on their flights. For instance, Premier Silver members earn a 7-mile bonus per dollar spent on airfare, while Premier 1K members earn a whopping 11-mile bonus per dollar spent.

Book Hotels, Cruises, and Rental Cars with United Partners

United Airlines partners with a range of partners such as United Hotels, Rocketmiles, PointsHound, Marriott, and Hertz. Members can earn as many as 2,000 miles per night or 5,000 miles per rental when they book through United Hotel booking solutions.

On the other hand, members can earn between 250 and 10,000 miles per rental when they book car rentals through Hertz.

Dine with the MileagePlus Dining Program

The MileagePlus Dining Program allows members to earn MileagePlus miles by eating at participating restaurants. Members should opt into the program, register their credit cards, and then spend at a qualifying restaurant.

Members can earn up to five miles per dollar spent.

Use United Co-Branded Credit Cards

United Airlines partners with Chase Bank to offer MileagePlus credit cards. These cards allow members to earn miles for every dollar spent on the card.

One of the most popular cards is the United Explorer Card, which offers members bonus miles for signing up, a free checked bag, priority boarding, and other benefits. Alternatively, the United Club Infinite Card offers lounge access and additional exclusive benefits.

Use Chase Credit Cards with Transferable Points

Chase Bank offers several credit cards that earn transferable points that can be transferred to the MileagePlus program. Cardholders can earn points on purchases then transfer them to MileagePlus mile.

Popular Chase credit cards include Sapphire Preferred and Ink Business Preferred Credit cards.

Use Marriott Credit Cards

Marriott Bonvoy Credit Cards allow members to earn Marriott Bonvoy points that are transferable to MileagePlus miles. Marriott Travel Packages offer an excellent way for members to earn miles and Marriott Bonvoy points.

Members can earn 50,000 United miles and seven nights in a Marriott hotel by either redeeming 340k Marriott Bonvoy points or purchasing travel packages.


Understanding how to earn enough miles to fly on United Airlines with points and miles requires knowledge of all the opportunities to accumulate MileagePlus miles. Members can earn miles by flying with United or partner airlines, booking hotel stays, dining out, using co-branded credit cards, transferable points credit cards, and Marriott Bonvoy credit cards and travel packages.

With a strategic approach and thoughtful use of these earning tactics, members can earn enough miles to fly on United Airlines with points and miles. In conclusion, earning enough United Airlines MileagePlus miles requires a strategic approach to take advantage of all earning opportunities.

These opportunities include flying with United or partner airlines, booking hotels, rental cars, cruises, dining out, and using co-branded credit cards, transferable points credit cards, and Marriott Bonvoy credit cards and travel packages. With the right approach, MileagePlus members can earn miles more efficiently to fly on United Airlines with points and miles.

The program provides immense value to members who can efficiently accumulate miles and optimize their redemption. Overall, United Airlines MileagePlus proves that loyalty does pay, and it is up to frequent flyers to position themselves to take advantage of the generous opportunities afforded at every turn.

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