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Fly in Luxury: How to Use Lufthansa Miles for First Class

Are you looking for an airline that takes luxury and comfort seriously? Look no further than Lufthansa Airlines, one of the top 20 airlines in the world.

Lufthansa provides a first-class experience from the moment you step into the airport until you reach your destination. With their emphasis on quality and customer service, Lufthansa has partnered with some of the best companies in the hospitality industry to provide an experience that is second to none.

Partnerships with the Hospitality Industry

One of the reasons Lufthansa is known worldwide for its exceptional service is because of its partnership with the Star Alliance. The Star Alliance is a global network of airlines that provides seamless travel experiences for passengers.

By partnering with Star Alliance, Lufthansa is able to offer a vast selection of travel destinations, making it easier for you to plan your trips.

In addition to its partnership with Star Alliance, Lufthansa has partnered with a number of luxury hotels and resorts around the world.

These partnerships enable passengers to enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounted rates and priority reservations. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Lufthansa is committed to providing you with the best possible travel experience.

About Lufthansa

Lufthansa Group and Hubs

Lufthansa operates as part of the Lufthansa Group, an aviation organization that is responsible for several airlines including Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Swiss International Air Lines, and Austrian Airlines. Lufthansa operates two main hubs: Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport.

The airline also has a focus city at Zurich Airport and operates flights out of Vienna International Airport.

Lufthansa First Class Experience

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal is one of the most luxurious airport lounges in the world. Upon checking in, you are greeted with a personal assistant who will take care of everything you need.

You will then be escorted to the First Class Terminal, which features exclusive amenities such as a cigar lounge, a whiskey bar, and a gourmet restaurant. Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the Lufthansa First Class experience is the rubber duckies.

Yes, you read that right. Lufthansa provides rubber duckies for its First Class passengers to take with them as a souvenir.

Each rubber duckie is dressed up in a unique Lufthansa outfit, making for an interesting collection for frequent travelers. Aside from the rubber duckies, Lufthansa’s First Class passengers also get to enjoy a chauffeured ride to the airplane in a Porsche or Mercedes-Benz.

Once onboard, passengers can relax in a fully-reclining seat with plenty of space to stretch out. For those who need to get work done, each seat also features a personal workspace with ample power outlets.


In conclusion, Lufthansa Airlines is a premiere airline that sets the standard for luxury and customer service. With its partnerships with the hospitality industry and its emphasis on quality, Lufthansa provides a travel experience that is unparalleled.

From its First Class Terminal to its rubber duckies, Lufthansa is committed to providing its passengers with an unforgettable experience.

Lufthansa Partners

Star Alliance Partners

As a member of the Star Alliance, Lufthansa has partnerships with 26 airlines worldwide. These partnerships mean that you can book codeshare flights with partner airlines and earn miles on Lufthansa Miles & More loyalty program.

Each airline has its own accrual rates, and you can accrue miles based on flight segments, class of service, and elite status.

Lufthansa Miles & More members can redeem their miles for flights with all Star Alliance partners.

You can redeem miles for one-way or roundtrip award tickets, and with some partners, you can even book mixed cabin award tickets. Award availability is subject to change, but most Star Alliance airlines release award seats around 11 months in advance and often open up more space closer to the travel date.

Additional Airline Partners

In addition to the Star Alliance partners, Lufthansa has partnerships with other airlines that are not part of the Star Alliance. These airlines are generally regional airlines that operate flights to destinations where Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners do not cover.

Some of these non-Star Alliance airlines include Air Malta, Luxair, and Azerbaijan Airlines. Lufthansa Miles & More members can also accrue and redeem miles on these non-Star Alliance airlines.

The accrual rates and redemption options vary by airline, so it’s important to check the Lufthansa website for details before booking.

Hotel Partners

Lufthansa has partnerships with several hotel chains around the world, including Marriott International, Hilton, and Hyatt. When you stay at one of these partner hotels, you can earn miles on your Lufthansa Miles & More account by providing your membership number at check-in.

In addition to earning miles, many hotel partners offer their own loyalty rewards programs, such as free nights or room upgrades. By booking through Lufthansa’s hotel partners, you can double up on loyalty rewards and maximize your benefits.

Lufthansa Miles & More: The Lufthansa Loyalty Program

Membership Tiers

Lufthansa Miles & More has four membership tiers: Member, Frequent Traveller, Senator, and HON Circle. The benefits of each tier increase with the amount of miles or flights you accrue.

Members start at the base level and can move up to Frequent Traveller by earning 35,000 status miles or taking 30 flights in a calendar year.

To achieve Senator status, you need to earn 100,000 status miles or take 100 flights in a calendar year.

Finally, the HON Circle level is by invitation only and is reserved for Lufthansa’s most frequent and high-spending flyers.

Benefits of each membership tier

Each membership tier comes with its own benefits, including executive bonuses, upgrade vouchers, lounge access, and priority waiting lists. Members at all levels earn miles on flights and with Lufthansa’s partners, but higher tiers earn more miles per flight.

Frequent Travellers enjoy priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, and lounge access when traveling on a Lufthansa Group airline. Senators receive additional benefits such as priority boarding and higher upgrade priority.

HON Circle members enjoy the highest levels of rewards, including dedicated check-in counters at select airports, access to Lufthansa First Class lounges, and the ability to gift status to other members.

How to Book with Points on Lufthansa

To book flights using Lufthansa Miles & More points, you can use the Lufthansa website or call their customer service center. Award availability varies by route and time of year, so it’s best to book as early as possible.

The number of points needed to book a flight will depend on the route and class of service. In addition to the points needed for the flight, there may be taxes and fees that you need to pay.

However, Lufthansa often offers early bird flight discounts and mileage bargains that can help you save on award bookings. In conclusion, Lufthansa’s partnerships with other airlines and hotels, as well as the Lufthansa Miles & More loyalty program, offer a range of benefits for frequent flyers.

Whether you’re looking to earn miles, redeem rewards, or gain status, Lufthansa’s partnerships and loyalty program can help make your travel more rewarding.

Examples of How to Fly Lufthansa with Points

Lufthansa Miles & More is a great way to fly Lufthansa using points. Here are some examples of how you can fly Lufthansa with points:

First Class from Chicago to Frankfurt for 85,000 Lufthansa miles

Lufthansa’s First Class experience is one of the most luxurious in the world.

A one-way flight from Chicago to Frankfurt costs 85,000 miles plus taxes and fees. This may seem like a lot of miles, but Lufthansa’s First Class experience is well worth it.

During your flight, you’ll enjoy a private seat with personal entertainment, gourmet meals, and top-shelf alcohol. You’ll also have access to Lufthansa’s exclusive First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, which is a destination in itself.

Business Class from Atlanta to Stuttgart for 55,000 Lufthansa miles

Lufthansa’s Business Class offers flat beds and a variety of amenities to make your flight more comfortable. A one-way flight from Atlanta to Stuttgart costs 55,000 miles plus taxes and fees.

In Business Class, you’ll enjoy a comfortable seat that converts into a flat bed, access to the Business Class lounge, and gourmet meals with premium wine and spirits.

Chicago to Frankfurt in Economy for 30,000 United miles

If you’re looking for an affordable way to fly Lufthansa, you can book an Economy ticket using United miles.

For example, a one-way flight from Chicago to Frankfurt in Economy costs 30,000 United miles plus taxes and fees. Although you won’t have the same luxury amenities as First or Business Class, you’ll still enjoy a comfortable flight with meals and drinks included.

How to Earn Enough Miles to Fly Lufthansa

If you’re interested in flying Lufthansa with points, here are some ways to start earning miles:

Fly with Lufthansa

The easiest way to earn miles is by flying with Lufthansa or its partner airlines. You can earn miles based on the distance you fly, the class of service, and your membership tier.

Flights with Lufthansa generally earn the most miles, but all Star Alliance partner airlines offer mileage earning opportunities.

Lufthansa Partner Airlines

In addition to earning miles by flying, you can also accrue miles by using Lufthansa’s partner airlines and hotels. Star Alliance partner airlines such as United, Air Canada, and Singapore Airlines offer mileage accrual opportunities.

In addition, Lufthansa has partnership deals with non-Star Alliance airlines such as Luxair, Adria Airways, and Aegean Airlines.

Purchases with Lufthansa Hospitality Partners

Lufthansa has partnerships with several hotels and car rental companies that offer miles for purchases. By booking with Lufthansa’s hospitality partners, you can accrue miles for both your flight and hotel/car rental at the same time.

This is a great way to maximize your rewards and earn bonus miles for travel-related purchases.

Use Chase Credit Cards

Chase offers several credit cards that allow you to earn United miles, which can be transferred to Lufthansa Miles & More program. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card earns 2x points on travel and dining, which can be transferred to United miles.

The Chase United Explorer Card also offers bonus miles for United purchases and other travel-related spending.

Use American Express Credit Cards

American Express Membership Rewards points can be transferred to Lufthansa Miles & More program at a 1:1 ratio. American Express has several cards that allow you to earn membership rewards points, such as the Amex Gold Card that earns 4x points on dining and US supermarkets and the Platinum Card that offers 5x points on flights.

In conclusion, Lufthansa’s Miles & More loyalty program offers a variety of options to earn and redeem points for flights on Lufthansa or its partner airlines. By taking advantage of the various partnerships and credit card offerings, you can earn enough miles to fly in First, Business or Economy Class.

Additionally, using these partnerships and credit cards can help you earn bonus miles, maximizing the value of the points accrued. In summary, flying Lufthansa with points has never been easier.

By taking advantage of Lufthansa’s partnerships with airlines and hotels, utilizing the Lufthansa Miles & More loyalty program, and using credit cards that offer reward points, you can earn enough miles to fly Lufthansa in First, Business or Economy class. The process of accruing enough miles to fly with points can potentially lead to numerous benefits such as free upgrades, exclusive lounge access at airports and various savings with Lufthansa hospitality partners.

In conclusion, Lufthansa makes it possible to travel more comfortably and at an affordable price – a perfect combination.

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