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Earn 2% Cash Back with the Fidelity Rewards Visa Card

Whether you’re a Fidelity customer who wants to earn cash back on everyday purchases or you’re just in the market for a new credit card, the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card is an option worth considering.

Card Basics

This card offers easy-to-understand rewards that earn 2% cash back on every purchase made with the card, with no annual fee or rewards caps. Plus, your points never expire, adding to the convenience of the rewards program.

This card also includes travel and rental car insurance, as well as Visa Signature Concierge to help with your travel and lifestyle needs. Earning & Redeeming

Earn points on every purchase with this card, and redeem them for cashback into a qualifying Fidelity account.

The minimum redemption amount is 5,000 points, worth $50, making it easy to redeem even small amounts of rewards. Additionally, you can link up to five Fidelity accounts to the card, allowing you to earn rewards that can be deposited into multiple accounts.

It is important to note that you must have a qualifying Fidelity account to take advantage of the rewards program.

Best Ways to Earn

The easiest way to earn rewards with this card is to use it for everyday spending. Unlike some credit cards, there is no cap on earning points, so every purchase made will earn cash back.

Making the most of this card is as simple as using it for your regular expenses.

Maximizing Your Redemptions

One of the best things about this card is the ability to choose between two different redemption options. You can opt for the 2% cashback option or have your rewards automatically deposited into your Fidelity account, where they can be invested in a variety of ways to grow your rewards over time.

For customers pursuing long-term wealth accumulation, this represents an excellent opportunity to put easy cash back to work in investments.

Other Cards to Consider

If you’re looking for other credit cards with great cashback rewards, there are a few other options to consider. Here are two worth checking out:

Citi Double Cash Card: This card offers 2% cash back, with no cap on rewards earned, and features a unique redemption policy that provides 1% cashback on all purchases and an additional 1% when the balance is paid off.

There’s also no annual fee, making it a simple option for those looking for straightforward rewards. U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card: This card offers 5% cash back on two selected categories and 2% on one everyday category, with a $2,000 combined eligibility each quarter.

Additionally, you can earn a $200 bonus if you spend $1,000 in eligible purchases. With so many rewards categories to choose from, this card makes it easy to maximize rewards on various purchase types.

In conclusion, when looking for a credit card that offers clear cashback rewards with no cap, the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card is an excellent option. It is a card that provides plenty of flexibility in how you earn and redeem your rewards.

Do keep in mind, though, that you need to be a Fidelity customer with a qualifying account to take advantage of this card’s rewards program. If you’re looking for more options, consider the Citi Double Cash Card or the U.S Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card.

No matter what option you choose, the key to maximizing rewards is to consistently use your card for your everyday expenses and pay off your balance each month. The Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card is an excellent option for those who want to earn cash back with no annual fee and no reward caps.

The card earns 2% cash back on all purchases and offers two different redemption options. You can redeem your rewards for cashback deposited in your Fidelity account or choose the 2% cashback option.

Additionally, you can earn rewards on up to five Fidelity accounts, and your points never expire. If you are a Fidelity customer with a qualifying account, this card is a great choice.

Other credit cards to consider are the Citi Double Cash Card, which offers straightforward rewards, and the U.S Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card, which provides several rewards categories to choose from. To maximize rewards, use your credit card for everyday expenses and pay your balance off each month.

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