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Creative Cash Gifting: How to Make a Money Cake

Making a Money Cake

Money cakes have become a great way of gifting, especially if youre looking for a creative way to present cash without it appearing dull or mundane. The concept of a money cake is to turn a stack of rolled bills into a beautiful present that resembles a cake.

There are quite a few variations to create a money cake, but the two most popular ones involve using rolled-up dollar bills or having a real cake with a pull-out kit. Both of these methods are simple and dont involve a lot of work, but the rolled-up bill version is more budget-friendly and doesnt require any cooking.

Rolled-Up Bills Money Cake

The materials you need to create a rolled-up Dollar bill money cake are straightforward and easy to find. Heres what you need:

– A pack of dollar bills

– A Styrofoam cone/cylinder or a cake stand to support the cake

– Two large rubber bands

– Ribbon or bows for decoration

– Glue or sticky tape

After gathering all the necessary items, youre ready to start creating your unique money cake.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

– Place a dollar bill on a flat surface, ensuring that the President’s face is facing downwards

– Start folding the bill in a concertina manner, folding it back and forth, until it forms a small Wi-fi icon shape

– Secure the folded bill with a rubber band over the tip to prevent it from opening up

– Repeat step 2 until you get enough dollar bill Wi-Fi icons to cover the cake stand or Styrofoam support youre using. – Next, attach the rolled-up bills to the support using glue or sticky tape.

Begin sticking the bills from the bottom and work your way upwards, ensuring that the rolls overlap slightly to create a layered look. – Once all the bills are in position, add a bow or some ribbon to decorate the money cake and add a personal touch.

Real Cake with Pull-Out Kit Money Cake

This version of the money cake involves presenting a cake that has a hollow center where you place rolled-up bills. The cake looks like any other you would find in a bakery, but when sliced, it reveals a roll of money.

Here are the materials required:

– A cake to use (can be homemade or bought)

– A pull-out kit or hollow core baking set

– Cardboard or paper for reinforcement

– Rolled-up bills

– Icing, frosting or fondant for decoration

– Ribbon or bows for decoration


– Prepare the cake by baking it according to the recipe you prefer. – Once it’s cooled, cut a hole in the middle using a hollow core baking set or a knife.

Be careful not to cut through the bottom of the cake. – Choose rolled-up bills of varying denomination, fold them into a compact bundle, and slip them into the hollow space in the cake.

– Cover the hole with cardboard or paper, ensuring that it’s tightly in place without moving or shifting.

– Frost the cake over the cardboard or paper, ensuring that no part of the reinforcement is visible.

– Once the icing is dry, add some ribbon or bows for decoration.

Money Cake Assembly Tips

Regardless of the money cake’s version you decide to go with, here are some tips to make sure your cake looks amazing:

– When stacking the rolled-up dollar bills, measure the width of each roll to ensure they fit neatly on the base. – When attaching the rolled-up bills, ensure the glue or tape is strong enough to hold the stacks in place.

– Reinforce the layers with toothpicks or skewers to prevent them from slipping. – Use different-sized rolled-up bills to add depth and height to the cake.

– Personalize the money cake with the recipient’s favorite colors and theme.

Making an Edible Money Cake

If you’re looking for a money cake that not only looks great but is edible too, why not try making an edible money cake? This type of money cake is no different from other basic cakes, but it has a unique flavor, and once sliced, it reveals a roll of cash inserted within.

Prep the Money Roll

The first thing you need to do is prepare the money roll. Here are the steps to follow:

– Choose the money bills you want to use, ensuring they’re of different denominations.

– Fold each bill using the concertina method and roll it up tightly like a cinnamon roll. – With a rubber band, secure the bundle near the center of the roll.

Assemble the Cake

Once you’ve prepared the money roll and baked the cake, it’s time to assemble the two. Here’s what you need to do:

– Cut a small hole through the center of the cake using a hollow core baking set or a sharp knife.

– Place the prepared money roll inside the hole so that it is slightly hidden. – Pour your choice of frosting over the cake till it’s covered entirely.

– Decorate the cake using fondant, icing, or other decorative materials.

Decorate the Money Cake

Decorating an edible money cake is simple, and the design you choose will depend on who you’re presenting the cake to. Here are some decoration ideas for your edible money cake:

– Use frosting to spread a layer of dollar bills over the icing to create a unique look.

– Use fondant to make various shapes, including dollar bills, stacked coins, or a money bag. – Personalize the cake with the recipient’s name or using a money theme.

– Use edible glitter or colored sugar to give your cake a shimmering look.

Surprise Time at the Party

Finally, reveal the money cake to the person you’re giving it to. Theyll be delighted to find out whats inside the cake.

The money cake is a unique and creative way to surprise your loved ones during birthdays, weddings, graduations, and any other special occasion.


Making a money cake is not only a creative way to present cash, but it also shows the recipient the thoughtfulness and effort put into the gift. You can choose the variation that suits you best, but the rolled-up dollar bill version is cost-effective and requires no baking.

If you prefer a cake, use the pull-out kit or a hollow core baking set, prepare the money roll, and decorate to impress. With these straightforward steps, you can surprise loved ones with a unique gift that they will never forget.

Buying Money Cake Kits

Making money cakes requires time and some effort, particularly if you intend to bake one from scratch. Fortunately, you can now purchase money cake kits that come in handy for those who don’t have the time to make one from scratch.

In this article, we’ll look at different places where you can purchase money cake kits, the benefits of making a money cake, and how many bills are in a money cake.

Buy Money Cake Kits Near Me

Buying a money cake kit near you is easy if you know where to look. Your local cake decorators and confectionery shops should be ideal places to start looking for a money cake kit.

Cake decorators can show you how to make a money cake, while confectionery shops may have pre-packaged money cake kits that you can buy and take home to assemble. Some craft stores and supermarkets may also offer money cake kits.

Websites That Offer Money Cake Kits

In addition to local cake decorators, several online sellers offer pre-packaged money cake kits that you can purchase and have delivered to your doorstep. These kits come with detailed instructions, making it easy for anyone to assemble a money cake.

Is it Cheaper to Make Your Own Cake or Buy One? Making a money cake from scratch may be cheaper than purchasing one from a store if you already have the materials on hand.

However, if you need to purchase all the materials, including baking ingredients, the cost of making the cake may be slightly higher than purchasing one. The cost will also vary depending on the type of money cake you intend to make, the number of bills used, and the type of decorations you use.

How Many Bills are in a Money Cake? The number of bills in a money cake will depend on the occasion and how much money you want to present.

Typically, for birthdays, graduations, and other happy occasions, a money cake may contain twenty-five to fifty bills or more. For more somber celebrations, such as wakes and funerals, the number of bills will be lower.

Which Money Cake Ideas Are Your Favorites? Choosing a favorite money cake idea can be challenging, considering how many creative ways there are to make a money cake.

Some popular money cake ideas include cake pops that resemble stacks of coins, money flowers, a gift box cake with rolled-up bills inside, and a money tree. Your money cake design choice will depend on the recipient and the occasion.

Benefits of

Making a Money Cake

One of the primary benefits of making a money cake is the level of personalization that goes into creating it. You can use the recipients favorite colors and use bill denominations that appeal to them.

Its also a creative way of gifting cash, which may appear dull or materialistic when presented in an envelope.

Importance of Gift-Giving with a Money Cake

Gift-giving is an essential way of showing love, appreciation, and care towards our loved ones. It shows that we have taken the time to consider their likes and preferences and that we want to make them feel special.

Money cakes are a unique way of gift-giving, allowing you to present cash in a creative and fun way. It’s a gesture that anyone would appreciate, and it’s sure to put a smile on their face.


Making a money cake can be a fun and creative activity that you can undertake with family or friends. It allows you to present a gift with a personal touch and can help make the recipient feel special and appreciated.

You can choose to make one from scratch or purchase a pre-packaged money cake kit from local stores or online. Whatever method you choose, the important thing is the gesture of gift-giving and the love and appreciation behind it.

In conclusion, making a money cake is a creative and unique way to present cash as a gift for any occasion. Rolled-up bill and edible versions of a money cake exist, and there are many ways to decorate them to fit the recipient’s personality and preferences.

Purchasing a pre-packaged money cake kit or making one from scratch come with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost and personalization. Whether it is a gift of love or appreciation, the importance of gift-giving with a money cake cannot be overstated, and it leaves a memorable impression to the recipients.

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