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Bizarre Auto Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

Strange Auto Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

Auto insurance is essential for any driver, but what happens when the claims you receive are not what you expect? Strange and unexpected claims can happen, and its important to know how to handle them.

Here are some examples of bizarre auto insurance claims and what they could mean for you.

Burning of Camp Gear Claim

Imagine you are driving to a summer camp to drop off your kids, and suddenly, your van catches fire, burning all the camp gear inside. This is what happened to a counselor who was transporting camp equipment in an aging van.

When she filed a claim with her insurance company, her policy was denied.

Counselor’s Aging Van Catches Fire

The counselor’s insurance claim was denied because her homeowner’s insurance policy did not cover her camp counselor duties.

Typically, personal vehicles are covered under homeowner’s insurance policies. However, if the vehicle is being used for business purposes, then it won’t be covered.

This is why the counselor’s claim was denied. In this case, it’s essential to have the appropriate insurance that covers your work or business activities.

Phantom Dent

Another strange auto insurance claim that happened to a grandmother at a shopping mall is the phantom dent. When she returned to her minivan after shopping, she found a small dent on her vehicle’s door.

She filed a claim with her insurance company, and the adjuster took a look at the car. To the adjuster’s surprise, he couldn’t find the dent.

Park, Shopping Mall, Minivan, Grandmother

This is not an uncommon occurrence for an insurance adjuster. In some instances, a dent may be so small that it’s difficult to see, or it may have been a pre-existing condition that the driver never noticed.

In these cases, it’s important to take pictures of the damage on the vehicle and provide them to the insurance company as proof.

Changing the Story to Re-file

Insurance fraud happens when the claimant intentionally exaggerates or falsifies a claim to collect additional compensation. Hail damage is a common claim during significant storms.

One strange case is when a claimant attempted to re-file a claim for hail damage after their initial claim had been denied. Hail Damage, Insurance Fraud, Ball-peen Hammer, Police Report, Claimant

The claimant had used a ball-peen hammer to create dents on their car and then reported them as hail damage.

When the insurance company denied the claim, the claimant filed a police report claiming that they had been victims of vandalism. Later, the claimant attempted to re-file a claim, but unfortunately for them, insurance companies often flag claims for review.

In this suspenseful scenario, its imperative to report the truth about the damage of your vehicle and keep all evidence for supporting the claim.


When it comes to strange auto insurance claims, nothing beats a loaded shotgun in the pickup truck. An insured driver submitted a claim for damages to his dashboard and seat coverings caused by bullets from his loaded shotgun.

Loaded Shotgun, Pickup Truck, Bullets, Claim, Dashboard, Seat Coverings

The insurance company denied the claim, stating that the driver’s actions violated the terms of his policy, which specifically stated that damages caused by illegal actions would not be covered. In this example, it’s crucial to be aware of the terms stated in your insurance policy and to avoid any activities that could lead to possible insurance fraud.

Carjackers Aren’t Covered by Your Policy

While it’s important to know your insurance coverage and limitations, not all situations are covered by your policy. For instance, if a carjacker steals your car in a parking lot while you’re shopping, the insurance company is not responsible for your loss.

Insurance Agent, Claim, Carjacker, Shopping Mall, Parked Car

An insurance agent confirmed that your policy would only cover you for damages to the vehicle that are not related to criminal activities such as theft. While car thefts are a common occurrence, it’s best to have additional security measures in place, such as installing alarm systems or parking in well-lit areas.

In conclusion, strange and bizarre auto insurance claims can happen, but they all have one thing in common – they could be prevented by being adequately informed about your policy or the situation that led to the damages. As a driver, its important to be aware of any possible activities or situations that may be illegal or may harm your car.

Lastly, always have pieces of evidence and report the truth about the situation.

Phantom Dent Claim

No matter how carefully you drive, accidents can happen. It could be a collision with another vehicle or maybe a dent caused by someone else’s carelessness.

In most cases, the insurance company covers the costs for repairs, but what if you suddenly find that the dent has disappeared overnight, thanks to nature’s intervention? Victim’s Car Collision with a Minivan

In one such case, a victim was driving her car in a shopping mall parking lot when a minivan collided into her car’s door, leaving a dent.

The victim was distraught and upset because her car was still new, not even a year old. She filed a claim with her insurance company, and it got approved.

The insurance company calculated the payment, and she received a check to cover the cost of repair.

Insurance Covers Costs for Repair

Most insurance policies cover repair costs for damages that occur from accidents or collisions. The amount of compensation depends on various factors, such as the extent of damage, the age and condition of the vehicle, and other factors.

In some cases, the insurance company might send an adjuster to inspect the vehicle and assess the damage. However, in the case of a dent, the adjuster may not see any visible damage and approve the claim based on the victim’s statement.

Nature Fixes the Dent

In some cases, the strangest things can happen. The victim in this case parked her car in a garage, where it was hot and humid.

The combination of hot temperature and humidity worked together to soften the plastic of her car’s door. As a result, the dent popped out, making it nearly imperceptible.

In this situation, the victim was lucky and was spared the expenses of repair. However, not all dents will pop out by themselves.

It’s crucial to file a claim and repair damages if they will affect your car’s resale value or safety concerns. Also, it’s important to check what your insurance policy covers, since some may not cover damages caused by nature, like this case.

Changing the Story to Re-file Claim

When it comes to unexpected auto claims, there are some cases where fraudsters orchestrate elaborate schemes to obtain payouts from well-intentioned insurance companies. One of the most common scams claims is the hail damage claim.

Usually, the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the degree of hail damage that a car has endured.

Suspicion Arises from Symmetrical Dents

However, in a strange case of hail damage fraud, suspicion arose from symmetrical dents on a car. The adjuster found the damage suspicious as the vehicle had precisely placed, identical dents on both sides of the car body – not a typical sign of hail damage.

It was clear that the car’s damage was not due to hail storms, but caused by other means.

Insurance Adjuster Rejects The Claim

Upon closer inspection, the adjuster noticed that the dents on the vehicle were precise, indicating that the damage was manufactured intentionally. The claim was denied, and the insurance company concluded that the claim was an attempt by the claimant to obtain an unnecessary payout from the insurance company for a fraudulent claim.

Claimant Files False Police Report

Desperate for a payout, the claimant decided to take the scam one step further by filing a false police report. The claimant claimed that an unknown person had hammered dents on their car.

This was to cover-up their poorly crafted, carefully placed symmetrical dents. However, their false report was discovered, and they were charged with insurance fraud.

In conclusion, strange and rogue claims happen, but some cases will lead to insurance fraud. Car owners need to be aware of the coverage their policies will provide and also be cautious of making false claims.

Insurance companies aggressively investigate claims and check for discrepancies, fraudulent claims, and scams. It is essential to report any damage and evidence truthfully – working legally and establishing trust with your insurance company will be a lifesaver when unexpected events occur.

Scattershot Claim

Driving with firearms is a sensitive subject that requires strict responsibility. Most gun owners are cautious and exercise great care while transporting their weapons.

However, there are instances when a gun owner could have a legitimate accident and cause unexpected damage to their vehicle and property.

Loaded Shotgun Drops and Scatters Bullets

One strange incident happened to an insured driver who had a loaded shotgun in his pickup truck. While driving, the driver accidentally dropped the shotgun, causing it to fire.

The shotgun scattered bullets throughout the truck’s interior, causing damage to the dashboard, headliner, and seat coverings.

Damage to the Interior of Pickup

In this unusual case, the driver filed an insurance claim for the damage done to the pickup truck’s interior. The insurance company covered the costs of repairing the damages, but it is important to note that insurance policies may differ based on the content of its respective policies.

Coverage policies may change depending on factors such as the condition of the truck, the policy rate of the vehicle owner, and more. It is crucial to note that while accidents may occur, gun owners must adhere to strict guidelines when transporting their firearms.

Carjackers Aren’t Covered by Your Policy

It’s every driver’s worst nightmare to have their car stolen. Not only do you lose your mode of transportation, but you also have to go through the process of filing a police report and trying to get your car back.

However, what happens when a carjacker steals your car, crashes it into a parked car, and causes damage? Would your insurance policy cover the damages?

Carjacker, Not Covered by Policy, Crashes Into Parked Car

Unfortunately, the answer is no. In most cases, insurance policies do not cover damages caused by carjackers.

If a carjacker steals your car and causes damage to another vehicle while driving it, the other vehicle owner’s insurance policy would cover their losses.

Collision Coverage Not Elected

If the car that was stolen already had collision coverage, then the car owner could get compensation for the damage caused by the carjacker. However, if collision coverage was not elected, then the car owner would be left to pay for the damages to his vehicle.

It’s essential to understand the content of your respective insurance policy, especially its limitations and exceptions. Your policy wording can dramatically vary from one company to another.

When looking for an insurance policy, it is important to understand both the coverage and the rates offered. Some policies may offer extra liability coverage, which can prove useful in situations such as this.

In conclusion, accidents occur unexpectedly, and some circumstances are out of our control. There are times when we can’t avoid the damages caused, but by having an insurance policy, we can have peace of mind that any unexpected costs that come with it can be covered.

However, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your insurance policy. Make sure you know the coverage your policy offers and the limitations and exceptions so that you wont be left with a surprise bill.

In conclusion, strange and unexpected auto insurance claims happen. From camp gear fires to phantom dents, it’s essential to know the specifics of your insurance policies.

Understanding situations that are covered or not covered by your policy can prevent potential financial loss and fraudulent claims. Despite working legally with your insurance company, accidents still occur.

It is crucial to keep and submit any necessary evidence, report the truth, and adhere to strict guidelines with firearms. Having a thorough understanding of your policy can be extremely helpful in any unexpected event, so it’s essential to know the ins and outs of your policy.

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