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13 Bizarre Christmas Traditions Across the US

Are you tired of the same old Christmas traditions year after year? Have you ever wondered about the different and unique ways people celebrate Christmas across the United States?

In this article, we will explore thirteen bizarre Christmas traditions from all over the country. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of keeping up with Christmas traditions.

Weird Christmas Traditions Across the US

Elfapalooza in Mobile, Alabama

Elfapalooza is a unique holiday event held in Mobile, Alabama. This event is the ultimate celebration of all things elf! The festival kicks off with a parade where everyone dresses up as elves.

The parade leads to the public square, where visitors can enjoy live music, games, and food. The highlight of Elfapalooza is the Elfapalooza Lip Sync Battle, where participants lip-sync to their favorite Christmas songs.

Disney Christmas in Orlando, Florida

If you want to experience a magical Christmas, then Orlando, Florida, is the place to be. Every year, Disney World turns into a winter wonderland.

Cinderella’s Castle is transformed into a glittering ice palace, and Main Street becomes a magical place with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations. You can watch a parade, attend a Christmas party, and even meet Santa Claus himself at Disney World.

Tumbleweed Christmas tree in Chandler, Arizona

If you want to see a Christmas tree unlike any other, visit Chandler, Arizona. The Tumbleweed Christmas Tree is a unique tradition where locals create a 25-foot Christmas tree made entirely of tumbleweeds.

The tree is decorated with lights and ornaments, and it’s a sight to behold. Santa surfing in Laguna Niguel, California

A Southern Californian beach town takes a unique approach to Christmas: surfing with Santa.

Every year, the locals and tourists of Laguna Niguel, California, dress up in Santa hats and wetsuits and catch waves together. Deck The Chairs in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Another unique Christmas tradition in Florida is Deck The Chairs in Jacksonville Beach.

Artists decorate lifeguard chairs with bright, colorful designs that light up the beach at night. The festival also features a daily light show, Christmas market, and live music.

St. Lucia Festival in Lindsborg, Kansas

If you’re looking for a celebration that honors Swedish traditions, visit Lindsborg, Kansas, for the St. Lucia Festival. The celebration features a parade, Swedish food, and a candlelit ceremony where a young girl dressed as St. Lucia leads a procession.

Santa Ski & Pub Crawl in Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado, is home to the Santa Ski & Pub Crawl, a unique combination of skiing and bar hopping. Participants dress up in Santa suits and ride the lifts to different bars on the mountain.

Papa Noel bonfire in Garyville, Louisiana

Papa Noel Bonfire in Garyville, Louisiana, is a unique Christmas tradition. The locals build bonfires along the Mississippi Riverbank, lighting up the sky.

The tradition dates back over 100 years and is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday season. Rappelling Santa in Chimney Rock, North Carolina

If you’re in North Carolina during the holiday season, don’t miss the Rappelling Santa in Chimney Rock.

During the event, Santa Claus rappels down a 315-foot rock chimney to bring Christmas cheer to the visitors. Lighted tractor parade in Calistoga, California

Calistoga, California, has its unique Christmas tradition with a lighted tractor parade.

Tractors, wagons, and farm equipment are decorated with holiday lights, and the parade through town is a joyful event for all ages. Lutefisk dinner in Madison, Wisconsin

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience Scandinavian cuisine, visit Madison, Wisconsin, for a Lutefisk dinner.

This traditional Nordic dish is typically served with Christmas ham, potatoes, and gravy. Great Santa Run in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to the Great Santa Run.

The event features thousands of people dressed in Santa suits running a 5k race down the Vegas Strip. TubaChristmas in Kansas City, Missouri

TubaChristmas is a nationwide event that brings together tuba and euphonium players.

Kansas City, Missouri, hosts one of the largest TubaChristmas events in the country.

Importance of Keeping Up with Christmas Traditions

The joy of sharing happiness

One of the most essential aspects of keeping up with Christmas traditions is sharing happiness with others. Christmas is an essential time for families and friends to come together and share joy and happiness.

Magic of the holiday season

Christmas traditions bring the magic of the holiday season to life. The anticipation of the holiday season, decorating your home, and spending time with loved ones makes Christmas a magical time.

Embracing where you live

Every town and city has their unique Christmas traditions. Embracing and participating in these traditions is an excellent way to celebrate your community and embrace where you live.

Support for nonprofit organizations

Many Christmas traditions also support nonprofit organizations. Participating in these events is not only fun, but it also helps people in need.

Honoring legends and folklore

Some Christmas traditions have been passed down for generations, honoring legends and folklore of the past. Keeping up with these traditions helps keep the history of the holiday season alive.

Prized holiday meals

Many families have prized holiday meals that they look forward to every year. Keeping up with these traditions ensures that everyone continues to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Continuing traditions and having fun

Christmas traditions are a way to celebrate the holiday season and have fun with family and friends. Continuing these traditions and creating new ones ensures that everyone will have a great time every year.


In conclusion, Christmas traditions can be strange and unusual, but they all bring joy and happiness in their unique way. Whether you attend Elfapalooza in Mobile, Alabama, or participate in the Great Santa Run in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a Christmas tradition for everyone.

Additionally, keeping up with Christmas traditions is crucial to share happiness, embrace where you live, and make the holiday season magical. In this article, we explored thirteen unique Christmas traditions that are celebrated across the United States and discussed the importance of keeping up with holiday traditions.

We learned that Christmas traditions bring magic to the holiday season, support nonprofit organizations, honor legends and folklore, and bring families and communities together to share happiness and joy. By continuing and creating new traditions, we can ensure that the holiday season remains a magical time for everyone.

Remember to embrace your local traditions and have fun with your family and friends.

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