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10 Super-Weird NFTs That Will Blow Your Mind

Introduction to NFTs

Have you heard of NFTs? They are digital assets that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, making them unique and verifiable.

NFTs have become increasingly popular in 2021, with a market value of $41 billion. As a result, some have speculated that NFTs could disrupt the conventional art market.

In this article, we will explore 10 super-weird NFTs that showcase how creative and unusual these digital tokens can be.


Before we delve into the weirdness of NFTs, let’s start with a more straightforward example.

EtherRock is a collectible NFT that pays homage to the classic Pet Rock.

These digital rocks were created in 2017 and have since become a viral sensation in the crypto community. Gary Vaynerchuk even bought one for 40 ETH, which was worth over $160,000 at the time.

However, not all

EtherRocks are created equal. Some are knockoffs that are sold at a lower price with altered details.

NFT Toilet Paper

NFT Toilet Paper might seem like an odd concept, but it has a unique design that benefits a good cause. The NFT was created by Charmin to support Direct Relief, a medical nonprofit that provides aid during disasters and emergencies.

The NFT design features toilet paper rolls arranged to resemble a medical cross, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and sanitation during times of crisis.


Yes, you read that right. NFT

Farts are a real thing.

The artist Alex Ramirez-Mallis created a fart symphony that is tokenized into Fart Jars NFTs. The NFTs contain a recording of the fart, accompanied by an abstract video. Stephanie Matto, a content creator, bought one of the Fart Jars NFTs for $85.

Ramirez-Mallis has donated a portion of the sales to the Soil Health Institute to promote eco-friendly farming practices. Twig, 2021

Twig, 2021, is an original artwork created by Between Two Naps.

The artwork features her dog Twig sleeping in a presentation stand, which comes with a homemade aluminum display case. The artwork is a one-of-a-kind NFT that showcases how animals can be the subject of creative digital art.

Lava Coin

Jessie Grundy created the

Lava Coin, a digital bag of weed that was one of the first NFTs to ever be sold. The

Lava Coin was inspired by the legalization of marijuana in Oregon and California.

The NFT was sold for 12 ETH, which was roughly $11,000 at the time.

Mars House

Krista Kim’s

Mars House is a NFT that features a 3D digital file of a virtual reality house. The

Mars House NFT is part of an ongoing project that examines how we perceive space and reality.

Kim is one of the many artists who have embraced NFTs as an unconventional medium of artistic expression.

Virtual Furniture

Argentinian designer Andrs Reisinger created virtual furniture that is impossible to exist in the physical world. The furniture is part of a virtual reality experience that allows users to decorate their digital living spaces.

The artwork showcases how NFTs can create experiences that were once impossible to achieve in the physical world.

Two Degrees

Two Degrees is an NFT that contains a self-destructing 3D video of a forest in southern Germany. The NFT is part of an art project that explores the relationship between humans and nature.

The NFT is tied to NASA’s API and displays the global temperature. If the temperature rises more than two degrees, the NFT will self-destruct, emphasizing the urgency of climate change.

Secret Artwork

Artist Rhea Myers created

Secret Artwork, an NFT that contains hidden content that can only be accessed through a tokenized contract. The NFT is an exploration of themes like privacy, ownership, and anonymity.

Secret Artwork is an excellent example of how NFTs can be used as a tool for creating interactive and engaging art experiences.

Body Advertising

Body Advertising is an NFT created by Oleksandra Oliynykova, a Ukrainian tennis player. The NFT allows the buyer to have a lifetime ownership of a tattoo that is located on her right arm.

The tattoo consists of 34 squares that can be customized by the buyer. The NFT was sold for 6.5 ETH, which was roughly $17,000 at the time of sale.

Jason Festa, the CEO of Uplandme, bought the NFT.


In conclusion, NFTs are a revolutionary technology that allows for the creation and ownership of unique digital assets. These digital tokens have gained significant popularity in 2021 and have disrupted the conventional art market.

The 10 super-weird NFTs we explored show how creative and unusual NFTs can be. NFTs have opened up new avenues of artistic expression and create new possibilities for the future.

NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and their market value has reached $41 billion in 2021. These digital tokens have become increasingly popular and have disrupted the conventional art market.

The article explored 10 super-weird NFTs, showcasing how creative and unusual NFTs can be. The NFTs featured in the article ranged from collectible rocks to virtual reality houses and sustainable art installations.

NFTs have opened up new avenues of artistic expression and create new possibilities for the future, making them a topic of great importance.

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